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Highest Rated
Airbnb management in Iskandar Puteri


Property management excellence

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We invest in top-notch interior design

With over 5 years of experience in interior design, we know exactly what your property needs to get the maximum gain in bookings. Come to us and our company will invest in the renovation of the property ourselves. Sit back and relax.

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We hire professional photographers

Our team knows the importance of good quality photography and we aren't shy about letting you shine. All photography and editing done by us.

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Multiple platform management

Our team will put your property up on multiple sites for maximum exposure -Airbnb, Agoda,, Expedia, etc. We'll make the world know you exist.

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Prompt payment

Payment for properties no matter the partnership type gets automated on the 7th. So you can expect no delays and no interruptions. 

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Our secret sauce

One of the ways we increase bookings is through our activities network and tours of iskandar puteri for residents in Singapore. Rest assured I will set your property apart from the competition with super-discounted activities for all who book with us.

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Guests communication management

The basics are all covered by us. We excel in customer service. Our team will be readily available for your needs.

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Monthly performance report

Every month our management team sends 1. Reports on the bookings for the month. 2. Our plans/ideas for improvements to the property 3. Extra activities to get your property to maximum capacity

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Software analytics

We use state of the art property analytics to analyse best strategy, copywriting, design style, cleaning fee, nightly rate price and competitive analysis for individual properties. Once you've signed up with us, we'll provide you a one time report at the end of the month and highlight changes that would help.

how it work

Haven't been able to get a renter in a while? Living in a different country and can't manage the property? Don't have the time or the budget to manage your property? Reach out to us and we'll cover the rent at market price or cost.

Cover the rental for my property

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Partner with us for more profts

Are you a go-getter who wants maximum bang for your buck? Partner with us on your property and share the profits. We work on a consultative approach with data to justify decisions/ideas. We'll still do all the work while you reap the profits :)


Our Team


Emmanuel has had over 5 years of hands on operational experience having been placed in charge of managing teams ranging from 5 to 20 members.

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Interior designer

With a passion for all things beautiful, Chris will ensure that your property stands out from the rest.

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Guest relations

The key to repeat bookings is top-notch customer service and Christina will leave guests feeling like they’ve just left with a warm cup of hot chocolate on a winter's day. Pure bliss.


Akhtaar has over 10 years of digital marketing and IT experience. His main role would be to ensure that your property shines on all platforms. With a global travellers list of over 23,000 contacts, he’ll promote your property right.

Activity and itiniery.png
Activity and itiniery mgt

One of the ways our company sets itself apart is Vincent’s passion for tour management. Having been a tour agent for over 5 years. Vincent knows exactly how to build an exciting itinerary for guests.

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Cleaning supervisor

With a total of 5 years of cleaning and cleaning management experience. Amir will ensure that your guests walk into a perfectly clean household each and every time.


Our Portfolio


Reach out to us

We work on a consultative approach where its always a WIN WIN.

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